One day, whilst walking down a school corridor, Timmy and his friends stumble upon an interesting poster. Upon closer inspection, they discover that the poster was promoting a newly held event, “Kindliness day!”, an event where students gather to share their acts of kindness. The student with the most stories to share was to be greatly rewarded. Excited to participate, Timmy and his friends were horrified to find that the event was held later this afternoon after break. With little time to spare, can you help these eager children find a way to complete enough acts of kindness to get a shot at winning the event?

Character Select:

Use Spacebar (Player 1) or Up arrow (Player 2) to choose


Player 1: AWSD - Walk [G] - Run [H] - Throw [ J ]- Punch

Player 2: Arrow Keys - Walk [  . ] - Run  [ / ] - Throw  [  , ] - Punch


- THROW the trash to GARBAGE

- DONT punch the trash

- CLIMB the trees

StatusIn development
PublisherETC Studio
Release date May 13, 2018
Made withUnity, Construct
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2 - 4